I won cf_quiz on ColdFusion Weekly

ColdFusion Weekly (Version 1.1 beta, March 27, 2006) ran a quiz to "Write a function that takes in seconds and spits out a string saying the number of hours, minutes and seconds. The caution was make sure it uses correct plurals and singulars."

Well my app and function won :o) I think for the spec it was a little overkill, but I don't think that ever hurts :o)

The app I sent in can be downloaded here, i've also broken the function off into a sperate .CFC file.

If you haven't listened to CF Weekly do so, it's a "virtually live" call-in ColdFusion podcast. Taking [skype] calls from users and answering them on the podcast. You can get it via the RSS feed or through the usual channels:

!!! Thanks guys !!!