Holiday greetings

I gotta say its been a good year for me finally making it to my first CF Converence (thanks Russ and everyone envolved), plus I managed to get to a few for UKCFUG's as well which was cool! I even made it into the CFeMmys!, and onto the CFWeekly(thanks guys for putting out a great show!)Though I gotta say the CFDevCon was great, I had the chance to meet and chat to Charlie Arehart, who couldn't be a nicer person as well as meeting Vince Bonfanti's too. After the show was great to and got the opportunity of meeting some familiar names to my blog like Marcos Placona and Kola Oyedeji(did you ever figure out how to work your phone). And ended up back at the "lovely" Mayfield Hotel eating a health KFC with some more great bloggers, Trond Ulseth, Tom Chiverton and Mark Drew (did I mentioned he got attacked by the pavement?), which just made the end totally random but enjoyable.Im sure there are more names I should be saying hi to (Nick Tong, Neil Middleton Hi!). Like I said its been a good year, the CF community are always friendly and its been a good laugh and with Scotch on the Rocks planned for next year Im hoping on meeting a few moreMerry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends and everyone who has read my blog this year and to those who have left a comment. I'll leave you with a little message

Merry Xmas