Have I got a traitor in my readership?

I mentioned in a recent post that I removed my "Email Subscription" as it was generating junk emails beyond believe. I also closed down the account that it used (If you have blog @ andyjarrett . co .uk as a contact address for me delete it :o) ) This pretty much instantly solved my spam issues.

I then got a little clever (I thought) and set up two email addresses (the following are examples) myBlogMail@andyjarr.... and myBlogComments@andyjarr....

Anytime i write a comment somewhere I leave the "comment" email address, and for BlogCFC I set up "blogmail" as the return/send address for errors, comments etc. My setup was sound and so far everything was going good.

Then this morning I recieved an email from myBlogMail@andyjarr... How did anyone get this!! I don't get "spam comments", I haven't used it in the wild, the only way I can see is that a commenter has actually manually taken it off a automated reply from BlogCFC.

What do you think?? Anyone else try having this problem?