Google maps java app on your mobile

The other day we were stuck in a HUGE traffic jam in London. We just happened to be heading over to Earls Court in rush hour. Well with the taxi moving 2 metres in 10 minutes we decided to walk instead. We didn't know our way, but the London pedestrian is always willing to help contary to what some people say. Really though what I could of done with (except for heading off earlier to avoid the traffic) is Google maps. So as usual now that I don't need it I've found a J2ME program to stick on your mobile from Google to access their maps. You'll need to check that your phone is compatible though my Sony Ericsson W810i wasn't on there it ran fine as it works with most Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile phone. The map actually works really well and you can see an online demo here. What is lacking at the moment is the ability to work with a GPS device, currently Google Maps doesn't use any GPS technology even if your phone has it. You can do all the usual maps functions like directions from a to b, find a Domino's pizza etc. So if you are an occasional traveller who can't be bothered to find out were they are going before hand this might be for you.