Getting Railo installed and started on your Mac

Woohoo, this has been fun. As most of you know i'm a total Mac newbie. So not having everything done and wrapped in .exe files has been hard to process this year.Don't get me wrong. Installing and uninstalling apps on a Mac couldn't be easier and anyone who has made the switch can testify to that. But when it comes to servers its just never seems as straight forwads as a Windows experience.So after a couple of hours of reading and understanding command lines and arguments etc i've finally managed to get Railo installed without emailing anyone and screaming helppppp! which for me is a first. (Hat tip here for Mark Drew who has been on the other end of most of my screams and always helped me)

These were instructions oringinally for the *nix platform (which is what Mac is in essence), so if you are having trouble getting off the ground with Ubuntu etc. you can use these steps as well.

So back to installing Railo on your Mac (in as easy as I could make it steps). You should know that we are going to use the application server that comes with Railo called Resin.
  1. Goto Railo downloads section and get the "Railo Server unix/linux" version. At the moment this is Unix/Linux railo- (39 MB). I download everything to my desktop.
  2. Once downloaded unpack the contents. On your desktop you should now have a folder called "railo-", modify this to "railo" and copy it do your /applications/ folder.
  3. Via Finder open up /applications/railo/contrib/ and open "init.resin" with a text editor. This script is your start/stop script for the Resin server (and in affect Railo). You need to make the following changes to this file:
    1. Around line 12 change JAVA_HOME=/usr/java to JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.4.2/Home/bin/java As you can see we are just pointing the variable JAVA_HOME to the location of the Java folder on your system. The above change "should" work for most Macs out of the box. If you have modified the location of the Java root then this will need to be reflected upon here.
    2. The line after should read; RESIN_HOME=/home/ferg/test/resin-pro Change this to RESIN_HOME=/applications/railo This is just the path we copied the Railo folder too.
  4. Thats all the changes made to the configuration files done for now.. Next open up a Terminal window (found in /applications/utilities/terminal)
  5. Then via the command line navigate to the Railo/contrib folder put entering cd /applications/railo/contrib Then hit return
  6. Now we are in the Contrib folder all we need to do is call our "init.resin" file we edited earlier sudo -s init.resin start You should then see something like Starting resin: Resin httpd start at Wed Nov 29 13:01:30 GMT 2006
  7. Now open up your browser and goto http://localhost:8600/ to see it in action.
  8. To access the Railo Administator go to http://localhost:8600/railo-context/admin/index.cfm
  9. Thats it!
If you want to change the IP address then via Finder open /applications/railo/conf/resin.conf and change to

p.s. You might want to stop the server :o) if so just enter via the Terminal window:sudo -s init.resin stop