Getting CF Flex components out of the Flex.exe

I haven't quite checked the EULA about this but at the moment I am running Eclipse 3.2 and Flex is for 3.1 so this is one way to run the CF bits of Flex for Eclipse 3.2. To access the ColdFusion (RDS support etc) I've manually extracted the file from the Flex exe. To do this you'll need to download Flex and have a copy of Winzip (or WinRar etc etc). Open the Flex.exe (FLXB_2.0_Win_WWE.exe) with Winzip, sort the files by name and look for If you are using a program like WinRar then you'll need to go into the "ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder" folder to find this file either way the final action is you extract the file to your desktop (or wherever) contains the Eclipse Plugins and Features folders which all you need to do know is unzip to your Eclipse folder.Update: You can just download the the .zip at This works for both Mac and Windows.