Futurama is coming back!

WOW at last, Reuters is reporting "Futurama" gets new life on Comedy Central. I'm a huge Simpons and have always thought that Futurama was never given the chance it deserved. Comedy central have struch a deal with Fox to pick up syndicated rights to the existing "Futurama" library of 72 episodes as well as any new episodes. This is good too see considering there have even been site like Got Futurama which have been campaigning for years to get it back. Especially after the excellent sale of the DVD boxset - which was one of the driving force of Family Guy coming back. Already actors Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio have agreed to return as voices for "Futurama."Though don't get your hopes up too quickly as new episodes aren't scheduled to air till 2008. Which is no doubt a Fox plan as it can follow in the hype that will be around come the end of Simpsons movie hype