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Fusion Authority Quarterly Update has arrived

Fusion Authority If you listened to ColdFusion nightly's from CFUnited you know that Matt & Peter had a few free copies of Fusion Authority Quarterly to give away. Well I jumped on that and finally this morning it arrived. So first of a big thanks Matt & Peter for sending it "over the pond", I would Skype but I don't have account or a Mic (though a new purchase soon might change that?) and a thanks to the Fusion Authority team as well (of course).I've only had a flick through so far but i gotta say I like the format alot. I've never seen a CFDJ or another CF related journal so i've got no comparison here but what stands out straight away is the size. Its an A5 booklet which makes it handy as anything to store and cary around! The code sample layout is really good, I remember this being talked about in one of the Weekly's and I gotta say it works well. The text is a descent size and there hardly seems to be any adverts in thereThere's only one issue I have and all that is is the lack of volume/issue number down the side, the spine is left blank which will mean when these build up to go back you're gonna have to pull out the issues!From the initial issue it definately looks worth subscribing to and for the overseas price to be £43 ($80) its worth the money.
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