Fridays Joke- Ding Dong!

Just been looking through my previous posts an noticed its been a quite week on the blog. I've been busy of late with work, one part of it being gettign CFMX connecting to an iSeries (I don't know why but hooking up to that kinda DB is cool - especially in how easy it was). Expect some posts later on that. Enjoy the joke! There was a lady who was in bed with her lover one day, when she hears a noise and realizes that her husband is home early from work. She has no idea what to do with her lover so she sticks him in the closet and successfully covers up every part of his body except his balls. Thinking quick, she paints his balls red with some spray paint.Her husband comes up to the bedroom and opens the closet doors to get out some clothes and notices the red balls hanging there. "What are these?" he asks. "Oh, those are just some Christmas Bells I picked up on sale this afternoon," she answers. He toys with them for a second and realizes that they are not making noise, so he pulls them apart and clangs them together, but all he hears is "uuuggghhh". He says, "Honey, these things aren't working right, let me try again." So he pulls them farther apart and bangs them together. Still the only noise made is "UUUGGGHHH". He is beginning to get a little annoyed and he says, "I am gonna try once more and if these things do not chime, I am gonna throw them in the fireplace and burn them." So he stretches them as far apart as he can and slams them together. At that moment, the guy sticks his head out of the closet and screams, "DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG!!!!