Fridays Joke- A childs question

Woohoo I'm off to see the Chilli peppers tonight up at Earls Court London which is gonna envolve afternoon drinking! and hopefully some gig pics to my Flicr account!

A little girl walks in to the lounge one Sunday morning where her Daddy is reading the paper.

"Where does poo come from?" she asks.

Father feeling a little perturbed that his 5 year old daughter isalready asking difficult questions thinks for a moment and says: "Wellyou know we just ate breakfast?" "Yes," answers the girl. "Well thefood goes into our tummies and our bodies take out all the good stuff,and then whatever is left over comes out of our bottoms when we go tothe toilet, and that is poo."

The little girl looks perplexed, and stares at him in stunned silencefor a few seconds and asks: "And Tigger?"