Fireworks to live on with version 9

I know it seems a little doom and gloom but I really thought that Fireworks would vanish, or be sucked into Photoshop in some mad scientific merging project. The one reason I liked Fireworks so much is the ease of use. When I got into developing web application it was obvious you needed to have some graphic skill and at that point Fireworks 4 was out. So I jumped in and ever-so-easily created gifs and jpgs, then animated gifs, and then banner-ads for then employer, WooHoo! they were good times :o)With that in mind its good to hear version 9 is coming out, especially as there are no Universial Binaries for the Mac which means that FWMX is pretty clunky and slow even with 2GB of memory. Not only that Adobe are opening the Betas so if you haven't heard already, then get over there and sign-up.