Email subscriptions, arrrggghhhhh

So I've had email subscriptions in place for 1 day with the security verifaction in place and already I have 16 junk email addresses collected. I've listed them below as an example (and I don't care if they get harvested) of what I have collected already. agv6x55@mail.comedwuvtl@ebay.comeeql7pd@gmail.comNow I don't care that much about them at the moment as I can do some general house cleaning, but if I go away on holiday doing some clean up is gonna be murder. So now i've been thinking, if it a human (and I use that in the loosest term possible) then there is nothing you can ever do to stop it, not really stop it! If it's a robot then how does it know where to post. Well thats easy to answer, and maybe to fix. As a bot its either looking for fields with the word "email" withinin them and posting the form, or its configured for as many types of blog software as possible. Either way the problem will be in the field name being static and containing the word "email". So here is the requirements. We want to make subscribing as easy as possible. This really means without captcha. As good as a captcha is it's a hinderence to all users. Everyday users find them hard to read and understand. I've known one case were a user wont even go back to a site if they use it. So here is a non-proven theory to maybe stop this or at least slow it down. Firstly change the name of the field from "subscriber_email" to something fixed but random like "users_who_want_more"? This will prevent bots that just trawl pages for email fields and submits the form. The second idea is to have a random field name generator. This would prevent any pre-configured bot coming along and submiting forms. So thats it. Im gonna see how many more junk emails I collect over the weekend. If I get past 100 then I think im gonna go through the code and change the field name and see where that gets me and then go from there!