Eclipse regex and newline bug

This is more of a case of just letting everyone know as to prevent head butting against the wall and going back through RegEx books.I was trying to replace a load of commas with newlines via the find/replace using regex a task I thought was simple:Find: ","Replace with: "\\n"All that happend was an "n" being inserted. I tried"Find: ","Replace with: "\\\\n"This inserted "\\n". So I grabbed the RegEx book and went online and all was working. Luckily I then came across Bug 52338 and found out this has been an issue since 2004, with the last 2 recent posts reading like this:

The bug is 2 years old and the required functionality is one of basics forextended editors (which I hope should be the Eclipse text editor too).For me it doesn't matter if JDK has this particular implementation problem(comment 12) - in other Java editors (JEdit for example) you could find/replacealmost everything - so they have also managed the problem somehow.Together with bug 44766 it would be really nice to have it fixed in 3.3.BTW, why this bug belongs to JDT/Text and not to the Platform/Text?

We will not have time to address this ourselves but would thankfully accept ahigh quality patch.

This has actually gotta be probably the one thing I miss with DWMX is the multiline find/replace dialogue.