DWMX Component browser in Eclipse

It looks like in the ColdFusion Extensions to Flex Builder 2.0 download they have ported the Component Browser functionality over. You can find this by going to Window >> show view >> other >> ColdFusion >> Service Browser.It's a nice feature but I feel its wasted for a couple of reasons; I'll be honest I never liked the DWMX implementation of this function as having all your functions in one list is just measy. Plus this feature has been in CFE (nightly builds) and personally is a better version - look for Window >> show view >> other >> CFML >> Component Explorer. One of the things I like about CFE's is that it is project based, Adobes version works from your web root and mappings so in there is a lot of junk but it also misses a lot of my folders as I split them out over different IP's. One feature which is nice in the Service Browser though is the view by Access. Which ever you like, its another tool in your arsenal. My only question is that if Macromedia (Adobe) are supporting CFEclipse development then why not work together on this?