CreateODBCDatetime tale of caution

I have a scedule task which runs daily and we've noticed that at the begining of the month it has been behaving oddly. Its been changing dates around. i.e its been converting 2006-08-03 to 2006-08-30. Below is an example of whats happend: Before: {ts '2006-08-01 13:01:00'}   After: {ts '2006-08-10 00:00:00'}
After spending considerable amount of time today thinking this was a CF bug and testing/re-testing my problem. I was stuck. The code worked fine for the other 27/28 days of the month. In the end I found out it was the lack of a space " " between date and time which caused this problem at the begining of the month. So it should read:Painful its been, but a lesson to pass on