ColdFusion Meeting Calendar

Google CalendarI have created a public Google Calendar for ColdFusion meetings. The idea I had behind this is that if you run any kind of CF meeting, whether it be online (Online CF Group), at a meeting place, UKCFUG, or just a demo'ing something on a IRC chanel you can update it here so everyone knows about it and also be able to merge it with you current calendar.The only problem is that I'm sure that I still have to invite you to join if you want to add/edit your meetings details, but anyone can view/subscribe to it.At the moment I've only added the next UKCFUG one for tonight so you can see it in action. If you are an event organiser (and you have a gmail/calendar accout) and you want to be able to edit drop me a line in the comments and i'll enable you to add comments. To subscribe use one of the following links[XML]
[iCal]I know this might seem a little presumptuous of me - but if you have any ideas on how to have a central location for meeting details drop me a line.