Back from Mexico

Well we are back from a fabulous trip to Mexico were we spent 10 days on the Caribbean coast down the Riviera Maya, about 1 hour south of Cancun. The 10 hour flight out there wasn't too bad, probably made worse by the fact we watched King King for the first time. Its just a bad bad movie with every (cgi) fight scene lasting 20/30 minutes which made the flight drag. Once there the temp was 30/35c (100f) - lovely and hot.

My partner and I go on holiday to totally relax so we chilled a lot by the pool - some people might see it as a waste of a holiday but to us its needed. We did spend one morning swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery, if you havent done it I highly recommend it. The place we went to was amazing, the trainers were really friendly, you could see the dolphins were happy plus they were even breading there which is meant to be a good sign. We also hired a car, the first time I've driven on he right (weired) this was only made weirder by that fact a lot of Mexican drive with their hazzard lights on. Luckily the coast is made up of one long stretch of motorway/highway so getting anywere was simple. First place was Tulum - an old Mayan town on the coast. You only need to spend about 60/90 minutes there but the place is amazing to see. We then we went onto Xel-Ha, a huge eco park which has loads of great fun activities to do.

After that we stayed mainly at the resort which had a host of activites everyday. One thing we did watch was some American TV and all I can say is wow and how the f&^% do you get 3 sets of adverts into a half hour show??? Isn't that annoying??. The flight back we got lucky, the plane was about 20% full if that, which meant that after take-off we were allowed to sit were we wanted. People were just spread out everywhere, but it was just nice to have the room on a 10 hour flight.

You can check out some of our photos on Flickr though as I don't have a pro account they aren't all there yet and will take a month of too - or I might actually stop being cheap and fork out £12 ($25).