Are you having troubles with CFEclipse?

Then let someone know. I've seen a few blogs over the last year or two like Michael Sharman's that detail issues with CFEclipse, explaining why it just doesn't work for them and generally ends with something like "back to [insert homesite or dreamweaver here] for me". I know that when I see a blog entry like this before even posting a comment the first thing I do is check out the mailing list to see if they have left a thread there explaining their issues. Most of the time I don't find a post and there lies the rub. Needless to say though that without finding out why they have a bug or how to fix it they just post a blog entry on how CFE just "doesn't work". This isn't the first time this has happened and probably won't be the last. CFE is a living project, just check out the work in progress. Not only that (and I know this has been mentioned once or twice) but you can contribute as well by downloading the source via SVN and submitting a patch. Thats not the only way to help. If like me you are crap with Java then drop Mark Drew a line and see what else is needed, not everything is Java based. For example I'm helping out on a server side part of a new feature which luckily for has required no Java, and some requires not programming at all! If you don't like CFE thats fine, there are developers that don't like Homesite or DWMX as well, each to their own. Just don't like it because of a small bug without submitting an issue to CFE trac or at least the mailing list! Also make sure that you have tried both versions; stable and bleeding edge release (BER) as your issue might be fixed in there.CFEclipse resources(If you use CFEclipse then you should use/know these)

(sorry to use your post Michael its just the most recent, nothing personal!)