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A framework post, but without opinons

As a semi active blogger in the community I tend not to worry about what I post, but this one I am. Not cause its highly opinionated but because it deals with frameworks, which means there a good chance of flame wars and trolls in the comments, please don't. So, to the post....Over the last (lets says few) years I have been heavily into frameworks for my apps. Currently I have Fusebox 2,3,4, and ModelGlue 1,2(Unity) applications out there in live environment all running fine (I know, I know no Mach-ii, maybe in the future). But recently at work I was asked to complete 2 small project, and for both I dumped the frameworks and went with just Application.cfc, quasi OO components, and one with Coldspring. Both projects run amazingly, without the need to process and myself manage quite a few core files (except for the CS project). Don't get me wrong, I'm not in an environment were every millisecond counts, but it's nice when your app executes so quickly with so few files in the debug. This got me thinking though who is running what out there and for what reason. I can say the my Fusebox 2 app I did for structure when I was starting out with CF, Model Glue I used for the next logical step after FB4 and getting into a more OO style programming. Then the reason for dumping them all for Application.cfc is speed and ease of use, plus to get my head fully around the Application.cfc template and its workings. Has anyone else stuck with a framework for a project and realised it was overkill, or either gone the other way and realised that a framework could of saved the live :o)n.b. I'm not dumping frameworks in anyway! They have a great purpose which for me work fine, don't see me dumping them for two small projects as anything else that just learning!