why you need to read threads everyday

a.k.a Another Adobe and Macromdia postSo its coming to the end of the day in the UK soon (6:15pmish here now) and i realised that for the first time in ages i hadnt fired up FeedDemon all day WOW - last time that happens. So incase you havent heard there's gonna be a huge merger between Macromedia and Adobe - for more info check out the mini site at If you are looking for a more personal touch in finding out what this means you NEED to check out Mike Chamber recent blog entry.Well i could go on about relative links out there but MXNA and Goog have done that well with all the post stating their concerns.One big concern i have that doesnt seem to of been addressed that well anywere is the community focus. With the likes of of all the MM staff blogs which are an invaluable resource, there participation on mailing lists right down to MXNA? What will come of this?