The move

As i've already mention the Girlfriend and I are moving - and the day has finally come and we should be getting the keys.To give you some quick background:

April: We put the offer in on a leasehold flat and it got accepted. There is no chain and the vendor has moved out.

May: The bank said they will hand over the money just waiting on confirmation in writing. We also find out the flat is empty and ready for us to move in. So far it looks like we should be in about the 1st week of June. Two weeks later no confirmation then found out the Financial Advisor(FA) had forgotten to call for a little more info. After getting the info the FA went on holidy and his locum was not up-to-date. Another 2 weeks just to get confirmation out.

June: We're back on track. The solicitor has requested the lease details etc. Another 3/4 weeks pass as no one has got contact details for the freeholder.

July: Now waiting for details of the building insurance - 1 week. Find out the flats are not insured for enough money - 2 weeks for the freeholder to change this.

August: Everything has comes together about the 8th and we agree on getting the keys for the 19th.

Basically since April, everyday i've been on the phone at least twice to either the Estate Agent, Solicitor, Bank, or the Estatge Agent After care. Why i'm paying them i don't know, i should be claiming my phone bill back.So what should of been at the most 4 weeks processing forms has taken four months of stress - and im sure my hair is thinning on the front now :o) To top this off Feeddemon has had a whole set of activation problems which means i havent been able to use it properly for ages. I've tried my back-up reader, Sage - but is just doesnt cut the mustard. Seriously i didnt realise how much news i got from Feeddemon till i missed it.So with that i'm not actually taking a holiday - well not holiday, but a week off to go and decorate. Luckily no work needs doing but we do have to cover some dark dark dark maroon walls and gold ceilings. I'm most likely gonna document the change with Flickr (you need to see this gold). I've got Broadband being installed on Tuesday so hopefully a midweek update might be available.Wish me luck :o)