The move part 2

So we have finally moved into the flat after taking last week off and storming through it to get everything done by the weekend for my birthday.Though if you have read my previous post you'll know of the hardship it took for us to be here. Well it didnt get better. After moving in the sofa we ordered wouldnt fit through the door, a nested table set we ordered arrived smashed up!, and to top it off when my net connection got installed they didnt hook it up correctly (im typing this with my Vodafone 3g datacard). Neverless we were in for my which i got a colour iPod, along with a iTrip, Destroy all Humans for the Xobx, amoung other bits and pieces.So hopefully my blog reading and posting will get back to normal come the end of this week. And for those who noticed sorry for the no Friday joke. I guarantee one for this week :o)