The final episode

start wars episode 3 darth vaderSo i finally got around to seeing the new star wars film, Revenge of the Sith last night. WOW gotta say its been worth the hype. The only weak part, and even Ray mentioned this in his blog was the Padme and Anakin scenes. They came right from the daytime tv soap writers (and actors). Apart from that there are some other nice touches like make going onto A New Hope believable.The fighters and look of all craft start looking like pre run-ups to the X-wing and the ships you are use to seeing in episode 4+. For those looking around there was even an Millenium Falcon in a shot at the begining. Generally through the whole film you start seeing more androids, robots, crafts that you are use to in the following three film. This leaves you just wanting to go off and watch the next three.A big 8/10 from me.Also CNN is reporting that the Sith can already be found online[Via]