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The Baby

More friday jokes....A woman is about to give birth in hospital. The doctor comes round and asks her whether her husband will be joining her.
"No," she says, "I don't have a husband."
"Will your boyfriend be coming then?"
"No," she says, "I don't have a boyfriend either."
"I'm sorry if I seem inquisitive," says the Doctor, "but how did you become pregnant?"
"Well," she replies in a shy quiet voice, "times are hard and I was forced to make a porn film to make ends meet."
A few hours later the woman finally gives birth and the Doctor shows her the new baby.
"You've got a lovely black baby boy" he tells her.
"Oh yes," she says, "the leading man was black.
But why does the baby have funny eyes?"
"You're right," says the Doctor, "his eyes look Chinese to me."
"Of course," she goes on, "now I remember. The stand-in guy was Chinese."
"And he's got blond hair too," the Doctor continues in amazement.
"That will be the Swedish guys in the last scene," she explains. "They were really great."
Doctor and patient stand around looking into the crib for a few seconds and then the baby starts to cry.

The woman lets out a deep sigh of relief. "Thank God for that. I was afraid he was going to bark."