Outside the FuseBox

Mike Rankin has a good post about moving away from Fusebox. This caught my eye in a big way because i developed a small app the other day without Fusebox. The reason i chose not to use FB 4.1 was speed (Working on-site for a solid 3 days no overlap allowed), for me it was easier to have the 4 view pages, then put the logic (stored procedures mainly) into CFC's. It also made editing the site via DWMX and CSS a sinch. I am now converting it into FB4.1, which made me realise how much extra code is required for the same simple app. A good quote from CFpurist ; "We are getting invested into things that may be interesting but are inhibiting our speed of delivery." Do i really need all these fuses, circuits etc? CFC are there to capture logic, and help the seperation. AS Mike put it in his blog "Not only can the code[CF Components] be reused, but extension provides even greater flexibility by allowing reuse of only parts of existing code".So......Why am i converting it into FB 4.1 even though i moaned about the extra code required? All said and done I enjoyed the freedom of not worrying about circuits, fuses, xfa, plugins, pre/post processes etc for those 3 days. But the reality is that the app will grow as we factor in Scope Creep and other developers will take over the product and this is were Fusebox (or any methodology) really stands it grounds. Another FB developer already knows the structure of the site, fusedocs (i really should pay more attention to there) has documented it, and this is where time is saved. Has anyone moved away from Fusebox (or an organised Methodology) to their own with great succsess?