Oh yes, the baton is still going

After having been hiding under my desk while the baton was doing the rounds it looks like Nathan Strutz's of DopeFly got me on the last leg D'ohTotal Volume (of my MP3 library): a pittiful 3.76GB (925 Songs, 2.4days)Last CD Bought: I got two Audioslave, Out of Exile, and Queens of the stone ages, Lullabies To ParalyzeSong Playing Right Now: Papa Roach, Scars (on Kerrang TV) Five Songs I Listen to a Lot:
The Killers, Somebody Told me
Queens of the Stone ages, Little Sister
Kaiser Chiefs, Everyday i love you less and less
Skilpknot, Duality (Odd i know - i cant explain why i like it)
System of a Down, BYOBFive People to Whom I'm Passing the Baton: Looks like im pretty much on the last leg of this of this baton race. Needless to say i can think of a couple of people to punish pass it on to like, David Bisset, and Steven Erat