Netscape 8 - The install

So just installed, all went well, below is a quick brief guide to whats been noticed already.By default the browser users the IE engine on trusted sites to improve compatibility though you can change the rendering engine to not use the IE engine automatically on Trusted sites. There's a little bit of adware but you can choose not to install Desktop Weather (from the Weather channel), and Real Arcade. Also so far i havent seen any little yellow AIM men anywere.....yet!The other usual stuff is there along with importing bookmarks.During the install it claims to be safer than any other browser and from the looks of it i can see why:Per site you can set which you view with the Gecko or IE engine. Including on the fly changes between the two - this is one nice feature as a developer to be able to do this. Also per site there is the ability to set up trust settings to allow maximum or minimum functionality.I gotta admit i didnt think i'd like it at first (from the old NN 4.5 days i think) but so far it looks good. Though lets give it a couple of days then see :o)