Model Glue Controller config explained

Below is a quick run down of the config.xml setting in Model Glue, though i would like to take credit :o) i got this from the MG lists, posted by Doug Hughes

Here's a rundown of the settings:
<setting name="applicationMapping" value="/" />

This is where your application is located. If it's in a subdirectory (or a
mapping put that here.
<setting name="beanMappings" value="/config/beans/" />

This is a comma separated list of locations where your config beans can be
<setting name="viewMappings" value="/views" />

This is a comma separated list of where your views can be found.
<setting name="reload" value="true" />

This indicates if the entire framework and all of your controllers are
loaded on each request. Set this to true for development, false for
<setting name="defaultEvent" value="Home" />

This is the event handler executed when the no event=xyz is provided.
<setting name="debug" value="true" />

This indicates if debug information should be appended to the end of the

(These are all optional as of 1.0 - which is not yet released.)
<setting name="defaultEvent" value="Home" />

(see above)
<setting name="reloadKey" value="init" />

This is the name of a url var which can be passed into manually reload an
app when not auto reloading.
<setting name="reloadPassword" value="true" />

This is the value which the reloadKey must be to do the reload. Change this
for production. This would be something like
<setting name="statePrecedence" value="Form" />

For any http request there can be url and/or form data sent.
statePrecedence sets which is used, if the same var exists in both. IE, if
you post a form with a url var foo=bar, and have a form var foo=moo. Then
with the statePrecedence being "form" you'll see "moo" as the value for foo
in your event object.
<setting name="eventValue" value="event" />

This is the name of the url/form var used to indicate the event to execute.

<setting name="defaultTemplate" value="index.cfm" />

Not sure -- this is new :)
<setting name="defaultExceptionHandler" value="Exception" />

This is the event handler executed if there's an error on the site.
<setting name="defaultCacheTimeout" value="5" />

If you use MG's cache, this is the default timeout for items.

Hope that helps.