London UK Terror Attacks

I was in my offices this morning about 10 miles away when i got a my first text from my girlfriend asking if i was ok. The news passed around the office floor like a wild fire as we watched the news unfold online to show the extent of the attack. Though to far away to be affected, still being that close to something like this makes ya a little shakey. I can only imagine what my sister was thinking off after hearing the news then trying to call me but couldnt get through.Also as the day unfolded i found that three friends of friends were either meant to be on the tube for a hospital apppointment but(luckily) had already been cancelled, or on the bus but were running late. Another one of my friends had also cancelled this weeks central London appointments and put them off to next. WOW!All i can say is that hopefully there never is a time when my girlfriend, sister or anyone i know can't get through to me after a terror attack.For anyone that has still not managed to contact a friend or relative Sky News has an Appeal for Help / leave a message page set upPlus the BBC have got a good Information Emergency advice page setup.