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iPod Calendars sync's with Sundbird

Ok my last post got me thinking. I've got a calendar on my iPod, can they all be sync'd? In short YES.So after some digging around i found out you can put the iPod in disk mode (i know i should read a manual but where's the fun in that). To do this you're probably better following these instructions from Apple. After that plug in your iPod to the PC, if, like me you are not seeing the iPod as a driver letter in Windows Explorer you need to fire up iTunes and in the bottom right should be an icon of an iPod click this and enable disk use. This should let you view the contents via Windows Explorer. Now you need to find your .ics file from Thunderbird mine is at something likeC:\\Documents and Settings\\%username%\\Application Data\\Thunderbird\\Profiles\\zk6cb4x6.default\\Calendar\\Though you can find more information on this at just copy the .ics file into your iPod folder called "calendar", restart your iPod and viola, all done.