CFCHART annoying axis label bug

Creating a chart today (for the first time in a long time) and all i wanted to do was display a list of users against total forms submitted. All went well until i looked at the Y axis. Instead of going up incrementally in whole numbers from 1-20 it went up in decimals (fractions). Aparently what ever the total of the y-axis is you need to +1 as the amount of gridlines. So if user A submitted 8 forms and user b submitted 12 forms, you need to take the 12 plus 1 then use this totals for your Gridlines attribute. A better explanation quoting zedfox on the livedocs is below:On charts, you may find your Y-axis values to be in decimals instead of whole integers. To have your Y-axis values in integers, find out the max. and min. value of the series you are plotting. Create as many gridlines as there are whole numbers from the range of series data.e.g. if your values that you want to plot are 1.5,2.5 and 3.5,your range is 1.5 to 3.5 is actually 2, but it would be best if you FLOOR 1.5 to 1 and CEILING 3.5 to 4. Your max and min are 4 and 1 respectively and your range is 3. Create a variable called #gridline# that is your-range + 1 = 4. Pass this variable to gridline attribute in . There goes your whole integer valued Y-axis now :)Thanks zedfoxNote: This isn't an issue on CFMX 7