BlogCFC, Flickr and HTML image upload

Well it looks like people are slowly migrating to some small CF conference but honestly there is no bitterness about me being in the UK :o)Anyway i've been working with Flickr recently and thinking about integrating it with BlogCFC.The question is how??
  1. A separate pod were you simply upload images and it displays them on the side (personally i don't like this)
  2. The ability to add the photo when you add a new post i.e. add a few extra fields to the editor.cfm form which when you submit appends the image and href to the bottom of the post.
  3. Using your Flickr RSS feed at the bottom of the entry form add a drop down where you select the image you want to add into the post and again the image and href to the bottom of the post.

There's probably more ways but I haven't had much experience with other blog software to see how they deal with such integration.

How do you think they should be tied together?

I'll be post the Flickr code i've been playing around in a couple of extra posts.