A few bugs on the way from BlogCFC to a photo blog

So now that i've been playing around with the enclosures i've noticed a few bugs, or so i think anyway?When you upload an enclosure at the moment the complete directory in which it is saved on the server is placed into the DB i.e. "d:\\wwwroot\\blog\\enclosue\\imagename.gif". This wouldn't be an issue but in the code to get the file you call getFileFromPath(), which is ok until you view the post on its own. Then because of the SES URL's your getFileFromPath() gets confused and you end up with something similar to:
as the image URL.So what im changing and playing around with at the moment is the following:
  1. In editor.cfm around line 177 im only capturing the file name as we are always uploading to the "Enclosure" folder
  2. In the Index.cfm i am removing reference to #urlEncodedFormat(getFileFromPath(enclosure)# and replacing them with simply #enclosure#
If you are using my code from my previous entry then i've also updated that as well to
<cfif len(enclosure) AND reFind("gif|jpg", listLast(enclosure, "."))>
      <p><img src="enclosures/#enclosure#" /></p>