1st Page 2006 finally released after 5 years development

After a 6 year wait 1stPage 2006 (previously know as 1st Page 3, 1st Page 2003 etc) has finally made it to a beta release and is available for download here. Sadly though it looks like this has taken too long and missed the boat (It went to beta originally in June 2001

After a quick, small download, about 6mb, i installed and opened up the eagerly awaited app only to find bugs all to quickly. I know this is a beta application, and maybe its because of the quality of betas (by Google, Macromedia, Bradsoft) tend to take a lot more abuse to crash. My first crash happened just by initiating the tag insight on a CF tag. The whole application froze, then just closed down. The second crash happened after re-opening and checking out the design mode.

It looks like it might be a nice package, but as a Web IDE DWMX 8 has come too far in terms of stability, speed, and CSS integration. Along with compatibility with other server side languages. And as a coding tool for CF developers CFEclipse is coming on strong and getting better with every release. 1st Page 3/2006 has a long way to go before it has an impact as strong as its predecessor, 1st Page 2000