Weather CFC

I've just updated myWeather.cfc so it can go on CFC Zone. I've removed the need for the application scope as to not break encapsulation. Though be warned, if you hit the site too many times you will be banned. I've also included an example .cfm as well.

One question which was asked was by Rob (and i hope i doesnt mind me repeating here) :o)
"Can you make the CFC so that it accepts the location to do the weather lookup as an argument?"

I had a look, and i dont think it can, basically from what I can tell will not accept the location as a lookup argument mainly because the search facility on the site is for US only. Plus a search for "Portsmouth" will return four results:Anyway, if anyone wants to have a go so you can parse the location as the argument please feel free. You can get the zip file here.
Just a quick survey - Does anyone have any trouble opening .rar files?

Also if anyone has any questions i wont be able to answer them for a while, im off to Sunny Ibiza tonight with the g/f for a week of the 3 S's: Sunsets at Cafe Del Mar, San Miguel Beer and the other :o)