Voyage to our hollow earth only $18,950

Ok, this is totally of topic, just to pre-warn you. If you've never heard of Hollow earth let me bring you up-to-date. Apparently our earth (and some believe all worlds) are hollow. There are openings at the North and South Pole, which are something like 1400 miles across. There are huge theories behind this, inluding the Northern lights being a reflection of the lights (sun) from inner Earth. If you want to know more try out

Anyway, to bring you back to the subject. If you have a spare $19,000 Steve Currey's Expedition Company are taking a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker to prove (or dis-prove) this theory. Of course this is limited to the first 100 people who apply. All i can say is HOW does something like this still exists? we have a 100's of satelites spying on us (if you want to go into the Big Brother Theories), and taking pictures. Surely there are easier ways to prove this isnt real.