Top 10 of the year

Its that time again when the TV start filling up with Top 10 Best .... Of 2004. Well i got thinking about this and this is my:Top 10 Best Online Discoveries of 2004
  1. FeedDemon(RSS Feeds)
    Before anything i fire this up
  2. Gmail
    1gb storage, labels which make mailing list so easy to manage!
  3. CFEclipse
    An excellent replacement for the dying Homesite
  4. BlogCFC
    You wouldnt be reading this without it
  5. Firefox 1.0
    It finally got there
  6. AVG Anti-virus
    Beats Norton & other paid for solutions
  7. Blackstone
    Just check the feature list out!
  8. Google Desktop Search
    Made search email/documents quick and easy
  9. Flash Paper
    Excellent replacement for online powerpoints presentations & PDF's
  10. WinXp SP2 - nice to know im a little saver (apparently)
What's yours?