SkyOS- a new x-86 OS

I've just came across of post on Mozillazine about Firefox being ported over to SkyOs. Which, after a little digging around on i've found out that it is a new operating system for x86-based personal computers. Completly written from the ground up since 1997 (it started off as a personal project) it uses its own GUI (SkyGI), Kernal and filesystem(SkyFS). The project is going to be commercial so you cant just download the code, neither does it use GPL'd code in the kernal.From the screenshots it looks nice, wouldn't mind a play. Can't seem to see any info on whether it supports Java. They have ported Gimp over, would be nice to know if they've had eclipse, apache, and other server/developments bits running on it.If you want to follow development there seems to be an un-official blog at: goto the official site: