re invigorate you site stats

After having a bad day with (their home page was pointing to, NICE) i decided to look around for another stat collecting service. After sieving through a lot of abuse at these kind of sites i found, though more than your average data collector.

So what's so great about this one compared to others? Well apart from a better looking site, loads. There are no ads anywhere and they use a 1x1 transparent.gif on your site so its no obvious to anyone else. When it comes to collecting date collecting you can find out about:

There's more though. The system uses DAS
DAS Explained:
The Data Archiving Service (DAS) is a piece of software that monitors and analyzes the traffic on websites. Each participant helps by contributing their websites data which is pooled together and displayed on this page (avaliable under 'DAS Community Stats') to help shed a greater understanding of current web surfing idiotisms. In return participants get realtime stats for their site! All reports are generated in real-time

Also The Reinvigorate Open Source Software project is now open @ This is a website user monitor that allows you to display in real-time how many users are on your site (using Java and FlashMX Socket/XMLSocket connectivity).

For more information and to sign up goto