Quite recently

I know my blog has been rather quite recently. A few reasons though.
1. Ive just changed host to CFMX 6.1 who supports createObject.
2. Because of one i can now use Ray Camdens blog (link in the side pods), which i gotta say is brilliant, thanks Ray.
3. I've just changed job to. Im now working up in London, which is about an hours drive, but i also do a few days from home so thats pretty cool.

On top of that i've been doing a few other bits and pieces and havent had a great chance to delve into anything too new. The new job means interfacing my site now with a AS400 (now the i-series), so im gonna be busy with creating flat files (i swear these are mans worst inventions), but no doubt i'll like em soon. Plus my new company is looking into getting a 6.1 server so thats gonna be a couple of months of checking, and moving. If everyone elses comments are anything to go by this shouldnt be to hard. If anyone has any tales/advice about the transition then please let me know :o)