NTL UK- A guide to bad customer service

Thanks to Nathan Pitman's blog i've just learned that NTL are once again upping the broadband speed once again and leaving the price alone. So for £25 i was on 600k, then it went to 750k, and by the time its finished i should be on 2mb. WooHoo. One problem though; it will cost £25 admistration fee to make the switch. The cost is small really for what i'm getting. But, as Nathan points out, I use the full range of services (phone, cable tv, modem) and have to pay this, yet new customers don't get penalised. I'll finish this rant here as you can all see where it is going.

What's ironic though is that at the moment their competitor, BT, is running an ad on TV about how they look after existing customers just as much as new ones. It couldnt be more true!