new UDF- listReverse

I've just re-invented the wheel from the look of it as i've noticed a function on CFLib that does the same. Though mine does seem smaller in size, i don't know about performance wise. Anyway if anyone need the code it's below.
\n + Author      : Andy Jarrett
\n + Email       : mail @ andyjarrett . co . uk
\n + Created   : 24/09/2004
\n **/

\n   function listReverse(inList){
\n      var outArray = ArrayNew(1);
\n      var i=0;
\n      var j = 1;
\n      var inArray = listToArray(inList);   
\n      for (i=ArrayLen(inArray);i GT 0;i=i-1){
\n         outArray[j] = inArray[i];
\n         j = j + 1;
\n      }
\n      return arrayToList(outArray);
\n   }

Also a thanks goes to Raymond Simmons as used in the code is his ArrayReverse UDF from