Microsft, SP2, Pirates, and a bit of a rant

There's been a lot of talk recently about Microsoft's plans to ban incorrectly licensed (ok, pirated) versions of Windows XP using the soonish to be released Service Pack 2. Don't get me wrong, piracy is wrong, no two ways about it. But if we are to stop (or at least slow down) virus writers we need all machines need to be protected. Microsoft are not going to stop users acquiring a pirated copy of Windows but by disallowing a service pack to be installed they will create an abundance of machines that are ready to be hacked/cracked and used to damage other systems. By disallowing SP2 it will only help the spread of viruses and cause more damage to Microsoft reputation, rather than damaging the pirated copy's of XP and there users
The bigger picture here is the amount of un-patched systems out there at all levels. Microsoft resources would be better spent making sure "all" users aware of updates and services packs. All of the PC's that i give free 24/7/365 telephone support (you know the ones, family and friends), those users are not aware of how important it is to keep Windows regularly updated, and probably not even aware that you do.

Ok, end of minor rant :o) I know this is heated and all comments welcome. My concern here really is stopping the influx of viruses coming through mine and yours inbox and destroying data, stealing personal details and generally causing havoc.