Im either getting dumber or new bug in CFMX

Ok so this is a odd one, i'm obviously missing something, i've obviously gone dumb and can't think why i'm getting the following error:-

Form entries incomplete or invalid.

  • TRUE
Please go back and correct the problem.

From this bit of code:
<form action="<cfoutput>#cgi.script_name#</cfoutput>" method="post">

   <select name="dd_deposit_required">
      <option value="TRUE" >True</option>
      <option value="FALSE" >False</option>

<input type="Submit" value="submit" />

If you want to see it in action goto Now what makes this odder is that if i change the name of the <select> tag everything goes back to normal. Actually the only way to recreate this error is to keep the name the same (so far).

Basically the question is bug, or my big error???

A. My big error, i totally forgot that "_required" invokes CF server validation. DOH! If you, like me have forgotten about them or don't know about "Validating form field data types" then check out the LiveDocs