Firefox bookmarks

I mentioned in my last post about Firefox bookmarks. If you have have never used this function let me explain.

This techniques allows you to do searches from the address bar by first typing in some keyords then a search string. So to search Google i type something like gg bill hicks, and it goes off and grabs the page. To set this up is easy. In my example i'll set up a search to look through First goto:
Bookmarks » Manage Bookmarks » New Bookmarks

Then add the following information to the fields

Name = Macromedia Search
Location =
Keyword = mm

Close that, go back to FF and type something like mm blackstone to search Macromedia for Blackstone information.

As you can see this all lies in the %s, this is the string that FF passes to the url. With this in mind, you can now be really lazy and set up bookmarks like:
keyword Location Desc.
com Look up .com address. Also do this for .net .org etc
dict Dictionary look up
aj Don't forget you can just use it as a shortcut to your favourite site