Finding out my own IP

I was trying to find out my IP the other, as seen by a website. Ithought easy, just pop along to and have a look. This ended up with me posting the following to CF-talk

The result was not what i was expecting so i tried another, andanother and i got a different result from every page (though alwaysthe same result from the same page). I even set up a page on my sitehere, and this showed a different result. As far as i know thisshouldnt change or be different from site to site. Anyone have anyideas why this would happen? Below are the sites i viewed.

Paul Vernon of Web Architect responded and explained in full why this is a near impossible task through NTL m>

NTL use a plethora of networking tricks to enable them to host more peoplethan they have IP addresses. Can you say multi layered NAT based on region?Secondly, they use a whole host of transparent proxies to speed up Internetaccess for their users (this only works on port 80)....

If you want to bypass the transparent caching proxies then you will have tofind a public proxy that you can tell IE to use instead of attempting toaccess the sites you are looking at directly.

Thing is, figuring out your actual IP address on NTL is a bit of anon-started what with the transparent proxies and multi layered NAT maskingit almost beyond hope.. Bypassing these with a proxy and running the testswill report the proxies IP address...

The main reason for sharing this information was for people who rely on IP's for there security in a applicaiton.