CFMX on IIS and Apache2 on the same machine

Well with a new machine in the works for my company i've been thinking about running Apahce (on windows) for our server. Anyway what with mappings etc i really wanted to give this a bash at home first. At first i thought this was gonna mean me, notepad and a bunch of text files had to get friendly. Actually its couldn't of been easier thanks to CF.
Do remember though that they are using the same CF engine. If you have the enterprise version you could most likely set up a different instance for each web server, but i dont so i can't ;o(

Afterthought:If you want to administer CF from Apache then you will need to add the following to the ScriptAlias section of httpd.cong
Alias /CFIDE "%cfroot%/CFIDE/"
Alias /cfide "%cfroot%/CFIDE/"

Replacing "%cfroot%" for the director path to CFIDE folder i.e. c:/coldfusionmx/wwroot/