CFEclipse, HE3, Blackstone and now blogging for nearly a month

Wow, i cant believe its been nearly a month and i havent blogged. I have just been soo immensly wrapped up in new CF stuff for work and personal use.
Also been reading a new book Fusebox 4 & FLiP by Jeff Peters, only half way through but already life saving. There's no way i could review yet as i feel it would be an injustice but i can say it covers all aspects, right down to a line-by-line explanation of the runtime files. If you are looking at moving into FB, or like me moving up from FB3 then i highly recomend this book. Along with that i have finally dived into the Eclipse world from my beloved Homesite+5.5 (though still cant let go yet). My real issue at the moment though is which to use, and you know the two i mean - CFEclipse and HE3.
CFEclipse i love and used first ages ago, though HE3 with the FB4 tag insights and pieces make working in that enviroment nicer, and as mentioned on another blog, it also saves alot of back and too reference look-ups. Euuggh, so still not decided there. Opinions welcome :o)

Also i can't believe the lack of blog noise about the new Blackstone Beta application from Tim Buntel's blog. Definately looking forward to this, especially since moving jobs and my new company does alot of PDF work, it should be fun. Definately going to try and get to the Europe part of Blackstone tour when it gets re-scheduled

Oh and of course still on the hunt for a Gmail account, though this noise has died right down now, amazing really.