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CF tought at University

I've just been looking into some open university course here in the UK i was going down the list and looking at what Level 3 offered

Level 3 one of the higher levels they offer, which can follow onto a Bachelor's.

Anyway, they had a course titled "Databases within Website Design", i presumed PHP or ASP for some reason, but to my amazament they use ColdFusion.
From the sumary:
In this course you will be introduced to basics of database design, through the use of 'entity-relationship' diagrams, and learn to how to construct simple queries using SQL-92. The course also explores an alternative server-side development tool, namely the ColdFusion server extension with its ColdFusion Mark-up Language (CFML).

They havent set up a fee yet, but it starts in May '04, if you're interested then you can find the course at