A PLUM a day could help you work, rest, and play

PLUM LogoI remember ages ago joking on the CFE lists about if only CFE could generate the code - well its looks like it could be here. PLUM - A Practical Lightweight Universal Methodology which is "a Rich Code generator (yes Generator), a development methodology, a comprehensive application framework that does just about everything you'll ever need to do with a ColdFusion application, a unit test generator, and stored procedure generator, a component generator, and much more". Well thats what the site says anyway.After reading that statement i had a small app in mind and thought i would give it a try out. First step was to check the spec's out:Thats not too bad of a spec really (as long as you are a Windows user), but I user MySQL for everything. So when setting this up i am going to use MS Access then hopefully via MySQL Front be able to replicate into MySQL. Then all i have to do is go throug the generated SQL to make sure its compliant - should be fun.The generated will run on Windows or Linux but..... for linux though your server must support Verity search????So far so good - then i hit a brick wall - i've got to wait for a Beta Key to be approved. So in the mean time i've signed up to the mailing list.More to come when i've been approved.